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verb (used with object), -chized, -chiz·ing. instruct orally by means of questions and answers, especially in Christian doctrine.

2. to question with reference to belief.

3. to question closely.

In an effort to help pass along sound doctrine to our children, we have developed a catechism to aid parents as they work to teach their children sound doctrine. Historically catechisms have been used extensively for centuries by the church as an effective teaching tool for the young. We believe that it is still an effective tool for helping our children gain a grasp of sound doctrine. 

Though there have been many different catechisms written over the years, in our attempt to find one that would suit our purposes at GBC we were unable to settle on any one in particular.  We therefore decided to write our own catechism that reflected our doctrine and practice (Doctrines of Grace, Baptistic, Dispensational). 

There are 52 questions (one for each week) and two answers for each. The first answer is for younger children, the second for older, or more advanced children. Ideally every child would be catechized over a two year period. The first year they would learn the basic answers - letter “A”. And then when they are ready, they would then be taken through the catechism a second time and learn answer “B”.

As you work your way through the catechism you will notice that we cover each of the 10 major doctrines in typical order (Bibliology, followed by Theology, Christology, etc). We have also designed the catechism in such a way that it naturally leads a person to faith in Christ. The questions all build towards helping a child trust in Christ. You could look at it as an extended gospel tract.

This is a document that is in process; it is by no means inspired or finished. We would value any input as to words and phrasing that you believe would improve the overall product.

Download the Catechism here