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Body Building Tips

Body-building Tip #35 – These thoughts are designed to help members of the body at Grace to encourage one another’s faith. Having trouble getting started? Not sure what to say? Read on!

Getting started: First, choose just one person to try to encourage in the Lord this week. Just one! And, yes, this week!! Then pray and ask God to give you a growing desire to minister to that person and to give you grace to share something He will use to encourage.

Something you can say: Let the person know that you have been thinking about him or her and that you prayed for that person this week. Affirmation of love and concern for members of the body can be a powerful communicator of God’s love and concern. Remember, our purpose for doing this is to be a channel of God’s grace to others. Before you speak, ask yourself why God loves that particular person. Ask how God might show His concern for that person’s spiritual growth. Think about why that person is on your mind and heart. Then, briefly share some of those thoughts. Affirming your appreciation for something about them, expressing a desire for their joy in the Lord, and simply letting them know of your interest in their spiritual well-being will give God the opportunity to work through you.

Will you take the challenge and be available for God to use this week?


Body-building Tip #33 – These thoughts are designed to help members of the body at Grace to encourage one another’s faith. If you are not sure how to do that or what to say, here are a few tips!

Things you can do: Write out a note or send an email. It does not need to be long. This is an especially great way to share something that can last longer than the spoken word. It provides something that can be seen so the eye can remind the heart of your interest. Would you like some blank “Encouragement” notecards? Let Chuck Gard know.

Phone someone. This is probably the next best thing to a personal contact. However, the phone communicates the special interest and time you are taking to share. Don’t get discouraged if you get voice mail! Leave a brief message and try again sometime.

Things you can share: Affirm you appreciation for the person. It may be something that person has said or done which has been a blessing to you. If you can make a connection with a spiritual grace, all the more meaningful. Ask if there are any special prayer needs for which you can pray. The response may give you opportunities beyond praying as you learn of areas where specific encouragement or help is needed. What a way to develop relationships among the members of the body. Will you take the challenge and try to encourage someone this week?

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