Worship Times

  • Sunday
  • Bible Classes - 9:30 - 10:15
  • Corporate Worship - 10:30 - 12:00
  • Wednesday
  • Prayer Service - 7:00PM






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What is Body Ministry?

Body Ministry is where the individuals of the body of Grace Baptist actively work among each other to encourage, admonish, and build up one another as we are conformed more into the image of Christ through the study of His Word.

At Grace Baptist, we do not believe that it is biblical to develop ministries according to age, need, stage of life, or gender, but rather according to the biblical standard set for us as seen within the early church. In this early church the believers came together to hear the apostles teach, to fellowship, to break bread, and to pray (Acts 2:42). The key to this is how they worshipped, fellowshipped, and prayed together as one assembly and not as separate units within a larger less cohesive one.

Everything that we do at Grace points back to the idea that the church is meant to work as one and although we have distinct opportunities within our ministry that focus on specific areas, such as youth group, discipleship groups, and women’s bible studies, they are not the driving force behind what Grace does. With the Body Ministry philosophy in play, these ministries operate as educational opportunities for those who attend Grace; to help them integrate into body and ministry of Grace Baptist.

As people look for churches, more times than not they are looking to plug themselves into a particular ministry that allows them to use a gift they believe God has given them. However, as they do, they often overlook the basic ministry of the body by focusing on one aspect. Ministry, as we see it at Grace, begins when an individual works among the 100+ individuals present and finds ways to encourage and buildup those fellow believers.

The gifts and abilities God has given His people are important and necessary for the health of the body; however, Grace Baptist holds that those gifts and abilities should be seen and affirmed by the church, not pushed onto the church. As individuals work among the people of the body, these gifts and abilities will naturally open up ministry opportunities as the body sees and affirms the one performing them.

Are you ready to minister to the body through Body Ministry